Signs to replace a new mattress

There is no rule or an exact expiration date to change a new mattress. it’s just a judgment call on how often to replace your bed. Thus, we gather some tips on whether it is time to change a new one.

• If you are not sleeping well, you may need a new one. Old or bad quality mattress may lead to waking up in the middle of the night. You may consider comparing your feeling after getting a brand-new mattress with the present feelings.

• If you are waking up sore, you may need a new one. It is common to have back pain, but if you got pain right away after waking up. You should consider the quality of your mattress.

• If you sleep better while away, you may need a new one. If your last hotel stay or family visit resulted in more restful sleep than you get at home, upgrading your bed could be an option.

• If your mass body has changed, you may need a new one. Getting older or picking up lots of weight will change your mass body. Therefore, considering a mattress that suits your condition is a good idea to keep your sleeping quality.